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New Year-New You  Beauty & Wellness Parties!   

Your Solstice Glam Squad is busy planning the educational, fun & "beautiful" seminars you asked for! Hair Styling Lessons, MakeUp Application Tricks, Nutrition, Fitness & Fashion! Our Glam Specialists will demonstrate techniques you can try at home for a polished & pretty new look! Bring your friends, take notes, take pictures and "re-create' yourself this year!


Infusion Hair Experiment at the Solstice Hair Laboratory

November 2nd 15 guests and a dozen Solstice beauty professionals conducted a "Hair Smoothing Experiment" utilizing our new Coppola Infusion Treatment.  The infusion Treatment is a temporary preview of the longer lasting Coppola Keratin Hair Smoothing Therapy.

Here's some of our friends after their "Solstice Transformation"...



Consult with your stylist to "see" what our Smoothing Therapies can do for your hair!



Kate's Callings

Kate Otto, spiritual medium and psychic, will be delivering messages from friends, family and spirit guides from "the Other Side" to a small audience at Solstice Day Spa. If you have had a private reading with Kate you know how accurate and special her

messages are!

         Kate Norman, psychic


connect with your loved ones in spirit



New Event Dates

coming soon!

spa tree


Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Let us know it's your birthday and we'll take

$5.00 off your visit or purchase! 

I.D. necessary for special offer.



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